I’m a UI designer and Illustrator with a background in art and inclusive education. My art and design training, and knowledge of visual culture and aesthetics are married with an emphasis on clear, intuitive, accessible design and analytical outlook which I gained through my work supporting children’s learning.

In both my art and work in education I emphasise the role of play— it is how we learn as humans, and shapes how we perceive the world around us.

I excel in user-centric design solutions, integrating and creating visuals to aid storytelling, and strong client branding. I have experience communicating with a wide range of people which I refined through my work in schools, and a strong theoretical and academic streak from my time studying History of Art and Illustration.

I aim to bring this mix of iconographic knowledge, creative skills and knowledge of how other people learn and navigate information to my role as a UI Designer, within teams of like minded individuals, never forgetting that play is at the heart of my creative practise. 

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